ATTENTION: Due to the current situation, we have decided to develop WORK PROTECTION for NAIL DESIGNERS and their customers. This specially designed for nail tables, professional !! and not from PLEXIGLAS !! manufactured protective screen, is an absolute and sensible addition to protective gloves and respiratory masks! This is the perfect overall solution for all nail salons that are allowed to open again after the closures (probably with very strict requirements !!) Due to the different details, this protective screen fits on almost all nail tables. The depth is kept as small as possible at only 15 cm to ensure freedom of work at the workplace. Furthermore, we have a generous recess for the hands, so that the mobility for the nail designer and also for the customer remains! On each side there are 1 acrylic glass cube with a milled groove (see photos) that can be glued to the nail table with double-sided adhesive tape or with silicone (both can be removed without residue if necessary). The protective disc can be perfectly attached to this cube - This prevents the pane from slipping or even tipping over! Nevertheless, you can easily remove the disc from the bracket for cleaning purposes!
WE DO NOT USE PLEXIGLAS - since Plexiglas would not be resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants, and certainly not to liquids against the nail table. The plastic we use is not only CRYSTAL but also absolutely safe against cleaning agents and disinfectants (does not get dirty or gets a "mist" through cleaning)

We are very proud to be able to offer this product to the nail salons. We have really thought a lot about what is important with such a protective pane for nail tables. From the idea to the implementation, everything was solved perfectly !! Professionally manufactured - MADE IN EUROPE !! The delivery times fluctuate between 1-2 weeks, so we ask everyone to order in time !! LIMITED STOCK - NOTE PRODUCTION TIMES - ORDER ON TIME - LIMITED QUANTITIES!!

Prices incl. shipping costs (€20,00) all over Europe:

1    pcs. each €145,00
2    pcs. each €140,00
3-4 pcs. each €135,00
5-9 pcs. each €130,00
10- pcs. each €125,00

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