Acrylic Systems from Nail-Artist
are very easy to apply, and an unbelievable adherence and durability, without going yellow, is guaranteed. They are perfectly designed to meet the needs of customers as well as the widely differing requirements of nail designers!

POLYMERS: Outstanding professional quality. The most carefully selected raw materials combined with controlled particle size. Creamy consistency and even curing, during the processing, while at the same time very good adherence. Choose from two curing times.
(medium curing time) - For beginners and advanced – more time to model
SPEED Series
(fast curing time) - For experienced designers and competitors – if  a faster working time is required

MONOMERS: These are special monomers (liquids) - 100% ethyl methacrylate with very good UV blockers, easy application, very good adherence, no going yellow, a mild odour, professional quality. Choose from three different liquids.

For customers with sensitive skin or an allergy to acrylics – normal curing time
Perfect for the studio environment! Optimal adherence to the natural nail. - normal curing time

Ideal for competitors, problem customers and fast work in the studio - fast curing time