Colored Acrylic Powders from Nail-Artist
Very easy to use and a perfect creamy consistency with a medium curing time provides a lot of fun and creativity in this king's class of nail designs. The high intensity of colour, the colour depth and stability make these coloured acrylic powders stand out, as does their flexibility and durability.

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF COLORS. The unlimited application possibilities are what make Nail Artist coloured acrylics stand out. From full cover to colour fading, from French designs to elaborately designed nail-arts, you put the world of colours in the perfect setting. Enjoy an unbelievable and wonderful variety of colours in a highly professional quality! (Pure tones, fluorescent metallic colours, mystical colours, intense neon tones, highly reflective glitter powder, colour changing thermo and chameleon powder) COLOR YOUR WORLD - NOW