UV / LED Gels from Nail-Artist
WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF NAILS! Especially developed by us, a range of perfectly balanced uv gels, which meet all the needs of professional users and their customers. The most modern light-curing resins, in an extensive range of consistencies, transparencies, colours and opacities, provide a broad spectrum of uses, and guarantee tremendous durability for very soft to hard splintering nails.

IN TOUCH UGEL Series: We would especially like to emphasize and recommend our exclusive series IN TOUCH which is part of our gel range as well as our powder/liquid range. The exclusive use of the best raw materials, combined with the highest production quality, and developed alongside the very well-known and successful NAIL TECHS, means you get the highest standard of quality. We would particularly like to emphasize that the whole IN TOUCH gel series is TPO free, contains no added acid, and is produced strictly in accordance with EC 1223/2009.  IN TOUCH MAKES THE DIFFERENCE - WE CHANGE WHAT IF TO WHAT IS!