Immerse yourself with us in the breathtaking world of NAIL DESIGN. Decide today to enrich your life with this creative and future-oriented profession. Working with and on people, creative, varied and the whole thing with free time allocation. The NAIL-DESIGNER profession offers you a safe and good income! Craftsmanship has golden ground .... As a future service provider, you earn your money from your sales work time !! With innovative, modern products like those you get from NAIL-ARTIST International, you gain valuable working time. Because products that make work easier and faster, you can either register more customers in one day or enjoy your leisure time earlier. A material that works not only saves time in modeling but also a lot of time because customers will come with significantly fewer or no complaints. So it is not only important to have a good education, but also to work with very good working materials!

A short example calculation:
With a can of gel (15ml) you can refill an average of 20 times. If we now calculate an average price of € 40 for the refill, tyou make about € 800 with a gel jar. Then it doesn't matter whether you spend € 10 more on an excellent GEL that saves you time and complaints than you would have to pay for an "average mass product". AS A NAIL DESIGNER YOU EARN YOUR MONEY WITH SATISFIED CUSTOMERS AND NOT WITH CHEAP PRODUCT PURCHASE !!

We offer you various possibilities to get to know and love the profession of NAIL DESIGNER with us.

To try whether you like the job:
FREE GEL and / or ACRYLIC TRAINING (without previous knowledge)
Trial entry-level course GEL and / or ACRYL When purchasing a basic set of our GEL and / or ACRYL SYSTEM, a professional basic introduction (1 training day with model) incl. Material customer is included for free! You will be taught by selected TRAINERS / EXPERTS with at least 10 YEARS OF PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE!

PROFESSIONAL EDUCATIONS for starting your career: (without previous knowledge)
5-DAY GEL with certificate
7-DAY ACRYLIC with certificat
10-DAY complete training (GEL and ACRYL including certificat)

We currently offer this training in Austria (Vorarlberg / Tyrol) and in Germany (Baden Württemberg) and can all be booked / bought through this shop at the headquarters! After receipt of payment, you are guaranteed to get your place in your or your preferred state at the next possible date!

We are always looking for reliable training partners in the remaining federal states of Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Sweden / Scandinavia!
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